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Horse Racing Partnership Plan Out of the Gate
Horse Racing Partnership Plan Out of the Gate Government Commitment Delivering Results



Largest Cut to Electricity Rates in the History of Ontario

Electricity Rates Will Come Down and Stay Down

Ontario Liberals are tripling the size of the cut we're making to people's hydro bills from 8 per cent to 25 per cent.


Ontario Liberals Announce Piragal Thiru as Candidate for Scarborough-Rouge River

Community leader to represent Party in upcoming by-election

The Ontario Liberal Party is proud to announce Piragal Thiru has been selected as the Ontario Liberal candidate for the upcomingScarborough-Rouge River by-election.


Kathleen and Justin Welcome Syrian Refugees at Pearson Airport

Province Partnering with Federal Government to Settle and Integrate Refugees

Ontario is a welcoming and inclusive society and is working to ensure seamless, co-ordinated and appropriate support for the refugees who will arrive in this province.


Indira Naidoo-Harris

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